The Resilience Retreat

At the Resilience Retreat, we understand the challenges faced by employers in today’s fast-paced and demanding workplace. Currently, data from the Workplace Health Report shows that 76% of professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress – a percentage increase of 13% compared to data from 2022.

The Resilience Retreat offers employee wellbeing retreats (from half a day to our 3-day residential retreat) to recharge, connect teams, and gain valuable insights to enhance your personal resilience. Through yoga (focused on improving posture), Pilates, breathwork, transformational coaching and workshops on developing employee resilience, you’ll leave motivated and renewed.

We are experts in physical and mental resilience, our retreats are facilitated by experts who will equip you with practical tools and strategies to foster employee wellbeing.

Our retreats are perfect for leadership teams, away days and employee wellbeing events.

We specialise in residential retreats and host them at the breathtaking Silverholme Manor in the Lake District.

We know that the most productive and engaged staff are also those who feel physically and mentally strong, our business is all about helping you to achieve this.