Mental Wellbeing

Thursday, 14th January 2021

Guest blog by Paul Clarke, UK Business Mentoring

2020 has tested our mental wellbeing as well as our resilience to the max and as we approach the dark nights of winter and Covid is still at the forefront of all our minds, we need to look after others and ourselves.

I have been speaking to a number of my business mentoring clients in the North of England in the last few weeks who all supported their staff superbly in lockdown with outstanding communication and help.

Now though is the time to continue that support, think creatively around staff wellbeing, motivation and engagement in your business and give a real sense of purpose, especially if some or all of your staff are continuing to working remotely or on reduced hours.

Here are a few quick additional questions when speaking and supporting staff:-

  • Do they limit the news and be careful what they read.
  • Do they have breaks from social media and mute things that are triggering concern.
  • How do they stay connected with people at the moment?
  • What are they doing to keep your mind stimulated – read a books and articles, do a puzzle etc. if they used to go out more?

Now is a time for motivational creativity and here are just a couple of idea’s:-

  • Have you thought about a Christmas shopping half day off when shops are very quiet for your staff so no need to go when busy (appreciate lots purchased online)
  • What reward schemes have you in place-e.g. takeaway meal for the family or vouchers for restaurants to support local businesses

What can you as a business owner do more of?


Who as a business owner do you speak to other than your family to share your thoughts, challenges and gain insight and support. Do you have a trusted person to go to whether it be another business owner, a business mentor, or group you are associated with/member of?

I do like the adage– a problem shared is a problem halved, although in my opinion you need to be selective with who you share it with. Is the person positive, a good listener, provider of good advice and asks you honest and challenging questions…or is it a person who agrees with you, agrees with you about how hard it is and whilst you feel good to share your thoughts and feelings, offers no ideas or possible solutions?

The past 35 years’ experience tells me we often go to the latter and indeed I have and these type of individuals and indeed good people, but they did not help me refocus my mindset, spark some new ideas, give me a sense of purpose and in most cases agreed with me when I was not in the best position to be right. Please review who you turn to and are going to turn to in the next few months and thank you for those who have and will continue to support me as a Business Mentor.

Article written by Manchester Business Mentor Paul Clarke

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