AMBS to sponsor the Women’s International Networking Conference

28th May 2020, 9:05 am

The Alliance Manchester Business School is proud to be sponsoring the Women’s International Networking Conference.

It’s the third time the event has taken place in Manchester and it was due to been hosted in the actual AMBS building. The WIN conference will return to AMBS next year.

WIN invites organisations and individuals to look at how to prepare for the future, accelerate their journeys, enrich their skills, boost their confidence and grow as integrated feminine, authentic and global leaders. This year, the annual WIN Manchester event will take place online on 18th June 2020.




You can trust that as always, WIN will bring together some fantastic women and men from a variety of backgrounds to talk on topics including STEM, the future workplace, leadership in times of disruption and more. The preliminary agenda is below and more information is available on our website here. Soon, we will be announcing speakers.

There is an early bird ticket price available now until 12 June, so we recommend registering before the prices increase.

2020 WIN Manchester Preliminary Agenda
14:00    Opening: Pioneering the Future, with Courage
14:15     Plenary: Preparing for the Future
14:35    Buzz Groups
14:50    Plenary: The Future Company – Creating an Inclusive, Agile & Innovative Organisation
15:20    Breakout Sessions
16:15     Plenary: Women with Vision & The Future Career
16:45    Mobilising Workshop
17:15     Virtual Networking Aperitif


WIN Inspiring Leadership Seminar Series
Our recent webinar on Leadership in Times of Crisis & Disruption is now online!



We work to get a critical mass of conscious women into decision making roles, to progress careers, to create companies with the highest values, to encourage and support more women in politics and in business, and to give space to artists and activists. We also know it is not only about women. We work to develop ourselves on the inside, contributing to our authenticity and with our hearts while integrating feminine values and supporting each other in making dreams come true. We work globally and we work with men. That is what creates a WIN-WIN situation moving forward that benefits everyone. Solving the many challenges of our time requires your compassionate leadership and your vital passion. WIN runs the women’s preferred leadership forum, the WINConference. It also holds WIN Corporate Meetings, runs the WIN Community and the WIN Development Fund.



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