Business Growth Hub helps A&D Sports flex its digital muscle

2nd May 2019, 2:51 pm

A manufacturer and supplier of commercial gym equipment and accessories from Rochdale has seen a 50% increase in web traffic and taken on twelve new members of staff following support from GC Business Growth Hub.

A&D Sports supply innovative gym equipment and accessories to both the UK and European fitness industries, employing over 40 people and with distribution deals to more than 20 countries.

However, managing director Darren Golden felt the business was missing out on sales due to a poor website that was under-performing in internet searches.

Darren sought support from GC Business Growth Hub, part of The Growth Company, to optimise the company’s website, drive more traffic to the site and, ultimately, create more sales.

Growth Hub digital advisor Chris Murphy delivered a wide-ranging digital strategy for the business, beginning with a revamp of the website that focused on the site’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) performance. Chris did this by reviewing the site’s usability and monthly performance data, leading to changes to the site’s page structure to maximise its performance on both desktop and mobile.

Crucially, Chris also worked closely with the firm’s new apprentice, Aidan McIlvenny, to make him the company’s digital expert so that both the site and the company’s social media presence would remain up-to-date and so, continue to perform well for the company’s related search terms.

This new approach led to a 50% increase in web traffic, and saw online sales grow substantially, with the increased online presence also playing a part in a series of new businesses wins, including Clubs DIR Barcelona and Sports Per4mance Rotterdam.

The company has also taken on twelve new members of staff to help deal with the increased demand and is gearing up for a new direct sales push, with social media set to play an important role.

Darren Golden said: “We are very grateful to Chris and the Hub for all the support we’ve been given. Thanks to the Hub’s range of support, we’ve now got new product ranges and will be using social media to target these at very specific groups. Selling directly to commercial gyms is a new direction for the business and one that is absolutely perfect for the new digital channels that have been developed with Chris’s support.”

Chris Murphy said: “Darren wanted a site that did more for the business than simply showcase his products. Research shows that over 67% of people who search the web will only ever click on the first five search results, meaning that businesses outside the top five are losing customers.

“It was important then to boost the performance of both A&D Sports’ website and other online portals so that they reflected the company’s status as a leading manufacturer and supplier of gym equipment, thus bringing in increased sales so that Darren and his staff can continue to develop the innovative equipment they have become known for.”

Businesses looking to access specialist support can visit for more information about the organisation’s extensive range of services. This and other GC Business Growth Hub projects are part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the GM Business Growth Hub project designed to help ambitious SME businesses achieve growth and increase employment in Greater Manchester.

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