Climb Higher in 2023, through a collaborative new business programme

28th February 2023, 11:26 am

Andy Henderson of Forward Thinking and Sarah Clemson of Latitude Marketing have joined forces to create a powerful business transformation programme to increase an SME’s revenue, profit, and customer wins, entitled ‘SHERPA – NAVIGATION FOR BUSINESS’. Together they bring their combined experience of sales, marketing, strategy and planning to deliver improvements across all the business

Imagine a laser focused actionable pathway to create clarity, confidence, and consistent profitable growth. Sherpa is not just a guide, it’s a bespoke interactive process to help a leader reach the next level and start their business transformation immediately.

Paul Hindle, of Lumenata Lighting in Preston reports; “In November 2021, we completed Sherpa and they were some of the most productive days we had spent in the last 15 years on the business. Over that year I can report it was one of our best years ever, so much so, we completed Sherpa again in December 2022 and this year so far has been incredible. Andy Henderson’s business coaching and Sarah Clemson’s marketing strategy is a powerful combination, and we now have clarity, direction and the motivation to surpass any year to date”

Andy Henderson is well known across Lancashire as the ‘Sherpa Guy’ as well as his brands Success GPS and YAB – Your Affordable Board. Sarah Clemson has been working in marketing for clients across Lancashire and Manchester for 30 years. They saw a natural synergy in their mission and values and in the uncanny way they describe themselves “We are the sherpas, the pace-makers, the map readers_
We know the lay of the land, the direction, the course, the destination, We help brands find their way.”

SHERPA is a plan to get businesses to the top of their ‘mountain’ it might be a financial goal, more freedom, a legacy, less stress and worry, or a more satisfying working week. The mountain is yours to decide and the route becomes clear.

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