Dehns Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys – “Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP)” Webinar Series

8th January 2021, 9:00 am

Dehns is a leading European firm of specialist patent and trade mark attorneys, with more than 200 people across seven offices, and with an internationally renowned reputation.

We pride ourselves on providing our services to a diverse range of clients. From start up organisations to multi-nationals, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to understand what is important to each client type and the flexibility to ensure that the service our clients receive is appropriate and relevant to them.

To help start-ups and business owners begin on the right foot, over the next 6 weeks we will be looking at the foundations of building an IP portfolio through a series of webinars.  We’ll also cover some of the basics of IP, including trade marks and design protection.

  • Week 1: An introduction to IP – The basics of the patent system – Friday 15th January

This webinar covers patent claims, criteria for patentability and how to get patents granted.

  • Week 2: An introduction to IP – Getting patents granted around the world – Friday 22nd January

This webinar covers filing priority applications, inventors and owners, the international (PCT) patent application process and filing foreign patent applications.

  • Week 3: An Introduction to IP – Freedom to Operate (FTO) – Friday 29th January

This webinar outlines the reasons for undertaking an FTO search and the three stages of the FTO search and analysis. Having your own patent does not mean that you can ignore other people’s patents. Before you start commercialising your invention, it is prudent to do a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search to try to find any patents that are relevant to your product or process.

  • Week 4: An Introduction to IP – Trade Marks – Friday 5th February

In this webinar we will discuss the sorts of trade marks that can be protected, the benefits of registering a trade mark, and the process for doing so.

  • Week 5: An Introduction to IP – Designs – Friday 12th February

In this webinar we examine how to make the most out of design protection irrespective of the product.

  • Week 6: An Introduction to IP – Patenting Software – Friday 19th February

In our final instalment of the “Introduction to IP” series, due to the interest the patenting of software, this webinar will cover what “software” is in a patent context and the different requirements for patenting software in the UK / Europe and other jurisdictions.

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