Destination: Bee Network

5th November 2021, 1:11 pm

The Bee Network is Greater Manchester’s vision for an integrated ‘London-style’ transport system which will join together buses, trams, cycling and walking by 2024, with commuter rail incorporated by 2030, to transform how people travel. 

 This Autumn saw the launch of Destination: Bee Network– the journey to an accessible, affordable and easy-to-use network, with a daily fare cap and single multi-modal ticket, which will support seamless end-to-end journeys within Greater Manchester, irrespective of the destination.  


By designing and delivering public transport as one system with local control and accountability and aligned to national and local priorities, the Bee Network will transform the travelling experience and make sustainable, low carbon transport an attractive option for all, playing a key role in Greater Manchester’s plans to be net zero by 2038. 


Through Destination: Bee Network, residents, businesses and organisations across Greater Manchester are also being encouraged to help shape the vision and share what’s important to them from an integrated transport system, with an online survey, public events and targeted engagement sessions taking place. 


You can complete the Bee Network Conversation online survey, which will be open until 12 November. If you have any questions or need support to complete the survey form, please email:


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