Financial Adviser School provides free training for first module

15th June 2020, 4:20 pm

Quilter’s Financial Adviser School has made the materials for the first unit – Financial Service, Regulations and Ethics – free to everyone 

Quilter’s Financial Adviser School (FAS) has made their training materials for the first unit of the Diploma for Financial Advisers programme, free and available to all.

The module, Financial Service, Regulations and Ethics (FSRE) is the first of three modules needed to obtain the Level 4 qualification from the London Institute of Banking and Finance, enabling graduates to become a UK financial adviser.

With the UK advice gap getting wider, it is imperative that we look to encourage more people to become financial advisers. Benefiting from more than 170 years combined experience, FAS’ training team has put together an array of training materials and made these free for anyone to use.

This includes over 20 hours of pre-recorded video lectures, question banks and reading lists, along with a host of other training materials.

This should enable many more individuals to successfully start the journey to becoming a financial adviser. Even for those who are unsure if this is the right career for them or uncertain about learning something new, perhaps as a second career.

For those interested find more information here.

Scott Stevens, head of adviser recruitment and development:

“Signing up for a new course, or even a new career, can seem like a daunting commitment. Particularly, if you’re not quite sure it’s something for you.

“By offering the training materials for the first module to anyone interested, we hope to generate interest. Whether it’s students, relevant furloughed adults, or just someone with a passing interest, this is an ideal opportunity to use this unexpected period of lockdown as a chance to try something new.

“Here at Quilter, our stated ambition is to make financial advice more accessible, to more people.

With an ageing population of financial advisers in the UK so to ensure advice is accessible it is imperative that we welcome new advisers to the profession.

“The financial planning profession is set to be resilient through what looks to be a challenging economic period. Although there will undoubtedly be some short term disruption, many people will need to re-appraise their financial plans and will require expert help from a qualified financial adviser.

“Last year 80% of financial planning firms reported a growth in client numbers and one in three said turnover was up by 10%, according to data from FE. It shows that the industry has been enjoying strong growth, creating new opportunities for anyone that wants a career in financial services.”

Julian Hince, head of Quilter Financial Adviser School’s training

“We are delighted to be able to share our expertise with more potential and future students. At FAS we train over 150 students a year and have noticed they all learn slightly differently. This is why we have included a wide range of training materials. We are extremely proud of our success rates and, by making our materials free and available to all, we hope that recipients will get off to a flying start.”

For more information please contact

Kathleen Gallagher on 07990 004932

Alex Berry on 07741 151931

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