Finding business finance gets simplified with the launch of SimpliFi by The Growth Company

17th November 2023, 4:40 pm

  • SimpliFi is a new online portal designed to help small businesses across the region access information on funding that they need to launch and grow
  • It contains free guides to help with securing capital, pitching for investment, writing business strategy and more
  • Businesses can find out more at an online event on November 30th

Businesses of any stage and size across Greater Manchester can access information to help in finding finance they need with the launch of SimpliFi from The Growth Company.

SimpliFi has been created to help business owners understand the finance options available to help them launch and grow by providing a hub of business finance information – built up by experts with more than 30 years of experience working within the Greater Manchester finance and funding space.

It offers clear and accessible information about the available finance options, from equity investments to debt and grant information. Whether looking for funding of under £25k or more than £500k, firms can access information about the options that are available through informative and actionable guides that will help get them finance-ready.

The portal has been developed in partnership with the Greater Manchester Business Board, which identified the complexity of the financial marketplace and a lack of knowledge of finance options as issues holding back Greater Manchester’s small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Resources include a business plan template, guides to securing capital, early stage fundraising and how to pitch for investment and write a business strategy and are tailored for various stages of business journeys.

Businesses can sign up to an online event on November 30th to find out more about the new platform. To register, visit: here.

Simplifi is backed up by the Access to Finance team, who provide fully-funded bespoke finance support for eligible businesses.

Ian Dixon, GM Business Growth Hub Senior Business Advisor for Access to Finance, said: “Whatever stage your business is at, funding can take you to the next level. But finding and understanding the various finance options can be a major headache for businesses of all sizes, especially when making the right choice is so critical.

“We have been helping Greater Manchester businesses navigate this landscape for decades so SimpliFi is a resource that collects our knowledge and experience together in an easily-accessible format.”

Miles Rothbury, Greater Manchester Business Board Business Finance Lead, said: “To grow Greater Manchester’s economy we need to support small businesses, particularly when it comes to finding the right funding. But we know many small businesses aren’t aware of the types of finance available to them, or the providers who can help.

“With the Growth Company, we have launched SimpliFi to demystify and better signpost the different funding options available to entrepreneurs and businesses in Greater Manchester so they can access more funding to invest and grow their businesses. It provides all the information and resources leaders need, in one accessible and easy-to-use platform. If you’re looking for funding to help grow your business, visit SimpliFi to learn more.”

Having free access to this wealth of information means that businesses can make the right decisions, whether they are looking for information on finance for self-employed workers, understand the risks and opportunities of each funding option for high growth early stage companies, or find out how to drive growth for more established businesses.

One business that has benefitted from support is Prestwich-based sustainability company Play It Green.

The Hub’s Eco Innovation team helped Play It Green to develop its business plan, secure £150,000 in early-stage investment and expand its network winning 42 new clients.

Richard Dickson, Co-Founder of Play it Green, said: “The new portal sounds like an ideal development to help companies in need of funding. It provides a one stop shop that should save time and money and provide the right guidance at the right time.

“Having access to the guides and templates, in addition to the finding sources info that I needed would have been a great resource when I was starting out. We got there in the end with the help of the Growth Company, but this added support would have been and now is, invaluable.”

For more information visit:

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