FinTech North Manchester Conference In partnership with London Stock Exchange Group

24th November 2021, 5:15 pm

Date: 30th November 2021

Time: 09:00-16:30

Venue: The Whitworth Hall, University of Manchester, Whitworth Building, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL

Platform: Zoom

Audience: c.200 physical attendees + c.100-200 virtual attendees via YouTube live-stream, FinTech North community



Following the success of two previous conferences in Manchester and one virtual conference last year, FinTech North is returning to the city for its fourth annual conference on 30th November.

With a host of FinTech leaders already lined up for Manchester’s conference, the organisers are calling on the financial and tech communities to get involved in shaping the remaining slots on the agenda for the day. Last year’s conference attracted over 300 registrations.

The conference will bring together high-profile speakers from UK FinTech and beyond, as well as established tech companies and innovative start-ups from the region.

2021 Agenda:


  • Chris Sier, HM Treasury FinTech envoy for England and Chair of FinTech North
  • Ravi Bhalla, Head of Department for Data, Technology and Innovation, FCA


  • SuitsMe (tbc)
  • UK Adviser
  • Hydr – Nicola Weedall
  • Sam Patchitt – Finstant
  • Jessica Jackson – GC Angels (tbc)
  • HouseFlow
  • Financielle
  • Digital Oracles – Sara Simeone, CEO (Confirmed)
  • xDesign – Head of Engineering
  • Leonard Cheshire (tbc)
  • Tech Passport – Layla White
  • Simon Gregory, Data on Demand
  • Lee Melia, Tasika/ComplyRadar
  • Rupee (Brazil)
  • RD Vault
  • Mastercard (speaker tbc)

Panel topics:

  • Better FinTech
  • Sustainability
  • FinTech in MCR

2021 Draft Agenda:

09:00-10:00 Networking & breakfast
10:00-10:05 Welcome from FinTech North – Joe Roche, Engagement Manager


Welcome from Prof. Dame Nancy Rothwell, President & Vice Chancellor, University of Manchester

10:05-10:10 Julian Wells, Director, Whitecap Consulting
10:10-10:30 Chris Sier, HM Treasury FinTech Envoy & Chair, FinTech North – Evolution of UK FinTech
10:30-10:50 Parveen Dhanda, Ecosystem Director, Innovate Finance – UK FinTech Sector Update
10:50 – 11:10 Markos Zachariadis, University of Manchester
11:10-11:30 FCA – Ravi Bhalla, Head of Technology
11:30-12:10 TBC: MCR FinTech Panel Discussion

  1. MIDAS – Rachel Eyre
  2. SkyParlour – Kimberley Waldron (Chair)
  3. University of Manchester – Rachel Kenyon
  4. Matt Elliott, Co Founder & CEO, Nivo
  5. IW, part of Accenture TBC
  6. Richard Hayes, Mojo Mortgages
12:10-13:00 Lunch/Tea/Coffee Break
13:00-13:45 Panel Discussion sponsored by OpenMoney:

“Is FinTech helping Financial Inclusion?”

1.       OpenMoney, Anthony Morrow (confirmed)

2.       Financielle, Laura Pomfret (confirmed)

3.       Auden, Vicky Gosling OBE

4.       University of Manchester Academic

5.       BNPL – Klarna (Klarna Approached)


13:45-14:05  North West Funding Report Launch: Brabners & Whitecap Consulting

  • Piers Dryden, Partner, Brabners
14:05-14:50 Panel: Fund Her North (chaired by Jordan Dargue, Founder at Fund Her North, Board Director and Investment Director at North Invest)

  1. Heather Waters – Regional Manager – Natwest
  2. Investor – Women Angels of the North
  3. Amy Whitell, Co-founder, Collctiv
  4. Eleanor Simmons, Consultant, Whitecap Consulting


14:50-16:30 (100 minutes) Manchester FinTech Showcase (5 min pitch)

Sponsored by tbc


  1. Accenture – FinTech Innovation Lab
  2. SuitsMe (tbc)
  3. Hydr – Nicola Weedall
  4. Michael Stewart, Founder, SimpleInsight
  5. HouseFlow
  6. Financielle, Holly Holland and Laura Pomfret, Co-founders
  7. RD Vault (Shoayb Patel, CEO)
  8. Digital Oracles – Sara Simeone, CEO (Confirmed)
  9. xDesign – Head of Engineering
  10. Leonard Cheshire, Jen Sweeney, Northern Corp Fundraising
  11. Tech Passport – Layla White
  12. Benjamin Ndubuisi, Founder, Ving.AI
  13. Simon Gregory, Data on Demand
  14. Lee Melia, Tasika/Comply Radar
  15. Rupee (Brazil), Guilherme Baumworcel, CEO
  16. Winston Pearson, Goldman Sachs
  17. Mark Robinson, Verlingue
  18. Leon Wilson, CEO, PollenPay
  19. Spondula (Paul Haberlin)
  20. Siddesh Iyer, CEO and Founder, SportFin



Event Close – Chris Sier to deliver closing remarks, handover to Joe to highlight next events


  1. Tasika
  2. LSEG Coffee Stand (tbc)

University Business engagement room:

  • Room downstairs for 1 to 1 consultation / engagement with the University
  • Available for online bookings, in person ; free biscuits in person
  • Any ideas with data, any thoughts around research; a ‘how to’ work with the University

Fund Her North Panel Overview:

Fintech North – Manchester Conference Panel Brief

Delivered by Jordan Dargue of Fund Her North & NorthInvest

Title: Changing the face of investment and improving the gender balance in the early stage tech ecosystem in the North.


This panel discussion will seek to break down the barriers to angel investing, discussing the need for more women angel investors and improving the gender balance in the early stage ecosystem in the UK. We will also hear from a female entrepreneur who has been through an investment process in the North highlighting the pros and cons of raising investment as a female entrepreneur in this current landscape.

This panel session will provide the perfect setting for hearing from experienced women angel investors, on how to navigate through the details of angel investing and explore the potential for more women to become a part of the success of building early stage female led business growth.

Chaired By: Jordan Dargue – Founder of Fund Her North, Board Director of North Invest


  • Heather Waters – Regional Manager – Natwest
  • Investor – Women Angels of the North
  • Female Entrepreneur – Manchester

We will as part of our panel conclude with the following:

  • Link to Fund Her North – Become a member to access support and resources
  • Flight Club – Investor Education Event
  • Women Angels of the North Syndicate


12:30-12:35 Welcome from FinTech North – Joe Roche, Engagement Manager
12:35-12:40 Future of FinTech North – Julian Wells, Director, Whitecap Consulting
12:40-13:00 Chris Sier, HM Treasury FinTech Envoy & Chair, FinTech North – Evolution of UK FinTech
13:00-13:20 Charlotte Crosswell, CEO, Innovate Finance – UK FinTech Update & UK FinTech review
13:20 – 13:40 Prof Markos Zachariadis, Professor & Greensill Chair of FinTech & Information Systems, Alliance Manchester Business School
13:40-14:00 Marqeta, Ian Jonson (Head of Europe)
14:00-14:30 UK FinTech Panel Discussion

  • Chris Sier (chair)
  • Charlotte Crosswell
  • Markos Zachariadis
  • Ian Jonson 
  • James Cliffe – Refinitiv, Managing Director EMEA
14:30-14:45 Tea/Coffee Break
14:45-15:45 Manchester FinTech Showcase (5min pitch)

  1. Frost – Pawel Oltuszyk, CEO & Founder
  2. UK Advisor – Maxim Cohen
  3. Greenlink Digital – Cedrick Ofori
  4. Interactive Investor – Moira O’Neill, Head of Personal Finance
  5. Infinity Works – Mark Melvin
  6. Mutual Vision – Rich Wainwright, CEO
  7. Collctiv – Pete Casson, CTO
  8. Raisin UK – Kevin Mountford, CEO & Co-founder
  9. RD Vault – Shoayb Patel, Founder & CEO
  10. Open Money – Rich Jones, Lead Product Manager
  11. Lee Melia (tbc) , Tasika/ComplyRadar



15:45-16:30 Manchester FinTech Panel – Sponsored by Verlingue

·      Julian Wells, Director Whitecap Consulting & FinTech North (chair)

·      Rachel Eyre, Business Development Director – MIDAS

·      Sky Parlour – Kimberley Waldron, Managing Director

·      Verlingue – Mark Robinson, Client Director

·      Chris Sier – FinTech North & HM Treasury


Event Close – Chris Sier to deliver closing remarks, handover to Joe to highlight next events

Details on Logistics

  • Webinar to be marketed by FinTech North to entire Northern community
  • Please share presentation slides with Joe Roche ( two working days prior to the event.
  • As a speaker, you will receive an email notification from Zoom prior to the event inviting you to be a panellist, enabling you to share your screen with webinar attendees


08:15-09:00 Arrival, Breakfast and Networking
09:00-09:05 Welcome – Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell
09:05-09:15 Chris Sier, FinTech North
09:15-09:45 Prof Markos Zachariadis
09:45-10:05 Anna Wallace, FCA
10:05-10:20 Innovate Finance – TBC
10:20-11:00 UK FinTech – panel discussion

Chris Sier (chair)

Markos Zachariadis

Phil Vidler, CEO, FinTech Alliance

Innovate Finance

Anna Wallace


11:00-11:30 Coffee Break 
11:30 – 11:50 Marqeta – Ian Jonson
11:50 – 12:10 Refinitiv – TBC
12:10 12:30 Kevin Telford
12.30-12.45 Greater Manchester FinTech Ecosystem Report – Julian Wells & Eleanor Simmons, Whitecap Consulting
12:45-13:30 FinTech in Manchester Panel

·         Mark Robinson, Verdre (Chair)

·         Ilona Alcock, Pro-Manchester

·         Kimberley Waldron, SkyParlour

·         Rachel Eyre, MIDAS

·         University of Manchester TBC

·         Jeremy Thompson, Maven TBC

13:30-14:30  Lunch
14:00-14:45 FinTech collaboration – panel discussion


·         Barclays TBC

·         RBS TBC

·         Raisin TBC

·         Chris Harrison, CEO, Furness Building Society

·         University of Manchester TBC



14:45-16:45 Manchester FinTech Showcase

1.       Arro Money

2.       Collctiv

3.       FingoPay

4.       Finstant

5.       Frost

6.       Monevo

7.       Mojo TBC

8.       Mutual Vision

9.       Open Money

10.   Optima TBC

11.   RD Vault

12.   UK Advisor TBC


16:45-16.50 Chairman’s closing remarks
16:50 Drinks Reception & event close

Marketing & Event Collateral

If you have any questions on the day, please call Engagement Manager Joe Roche on 07536112300

We are delighted to return to face-to-face events with our first physical Manchester conference since 2019! Our Manchester Conference is hosted in partnership with financial data experts Refinitiv, an LSEG company.

We are currently working on the agenda, which we are excited to share with you all. We are also due to confirm our venue, which will be an accessible location in central Manchester.

FinTech has long had the unique potential to impact societal and financial change. Over the past 18 months, FinTech innovation has helped us all survive and in some cases even thrive. In light of the Kalifa Review’s recommendation that increased National Connectivity is key to the UK’s FinTech strategy, we believe it’s an exciting time to be part of Northern FinTech. What better place to start than one of the North’s most exciting ecosystems – Manchester!

At the conference we will engage with the international and national FinTech landscape, explore UK and regional FinTech, take a deep dive into the Greater Manchester FinTech ecosystem and showcase some of the region’s innovative start-ups and scale-ups.

Throughout the pandemic, FinTech North has reached our entire Northern community with our virtual conferences and events, irrespective of geography. This year we are planning to live-stream and record the conference to maintain accessibility for those who are unable to join us on the day in Manchester.

Delegates can expect:

  • Networking opportunities with the Northern FinTech Community
  • To enhance their knowledge of UK FinTech
  • To find out what FinTech innovation is taking place in Greater Manchester and beyond
  • Breakfast, lunch and refreshments across the day

Early bird tickets are priced at £49. General admission are priced at £75. Virtual tickets are free.

For any speaking, partnership or sponsorship enquiries – please contact FinTech North Engagement Manager Joe Roche (

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