Free Workshop: Assessment Based Marketing 101

5th November 2020, 5:21 pm

  • Do you struggle to generate leads for your business?
  • Do you spend too much time speaking to prospects who aren’t the right fit for your business model?
  • Do customers struggle to see your value compared to your competitors?

Assessment based marketing is a simple way for you to start a powerful relationship with your customers and prospects. It helps you to:

  • Learn about their pains and challenges in minutes to help you position your services as a solution
  • Create interactive and engaging experiences that increase ‘buy-in’
  • Spark compelling sales conversations where you can truly connect with your audience
  • Qualify your prospects quickly and in a non-intrusive, saving you valuable time
  • Gain powerful market intelligence to help influence your sales and marketing strategy
  • Demonstrate your value and differentiate from your competition

Join E5 Interactive on 12th November 2020 to learn how assessment based marketing can help your business find a solution to these common problems.

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