Growth Lab, Powered by Truth – Hacking into Hidden Growth

19th January 2021, 3:55 pm

Hacking into hidden growth

Growth Lab focusses on hacking into business growth by exploring new strategies and processes.

Using the ‘Design Sprint’ methodology, we inspire you to challenge your current methods by re-imagining and implementing, clear and measurable growth experiments, without investing months of time and resource.

Why it works?

Our Growth Lab consists of a suite of structured ‘sprints’ designed to replace unstructured discussion with clear process.
They allow you to filter through the noise and make well informed decisions, fast. The process is usually inspiring, motivating and a very positive team-building experience.

Types of Sprint

  • Growth Hacking Sprint (1 Day)
  • Competitor Analysis (1 Day)
  • NPD Ideation Sprint (1 Day)
  • NPD Design Sprint (5 Days)

The BIG benefits

Failing slowly is always very expensive.

Quickly and easily get to actionable outcomes that can be tested, measured and refined before the costly process of implementation, roll-out and marketing.

Every voice and opinion is equally valuable.

The process removes the fear of speaking up, and often extracts the most powerful ideas from the people with the least power in the room.

Harness the powerof teamwork.

Rapidly assemble and mobilise a powerful team to solve the specific task at hand. They encourage ‘positive friction’ but bypass egos and echo chamber mentality.

Defined strategic outcomes.

Develop outcomes that everyone has agreed should be implemented. The process makes everyone in the room a positive advocate for implementing the change.

What to expect?

  • 4 hours to 5 day Sprints depending on the type.
  • A facilitated process conducted at our offices or yours, or virtually using our digital white board.
  • Creative exercises, collaborative group working, Post-it notes, and action planning.
  • A framework that reduces the frustration arising from most internal decision making processes.

Who is it for?

  • Businesses that are openminded to exploring positive change.
  • Businesses who struggle to make decisions and agree.
  • Businesses who are looking to improve what they offer and grow.
  • Businesses that need to rethink their strategic direction.
  • Businesses looking to develop or validate new products and services.

The end result will be a clear outcome that forms the foundation and direction of your brand moving forward.

Truth Growth Lab Infographic


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T: +44 (0)161 238 9783

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