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20th May 2020, 8:10 am

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an Enterprise IT product and services company; in the current crisis we are mobilizing the full weight of our resources and global ecosystem of partners to help organisations through this uncertain time. The broad support we can offer to the UK Government is summarised below:


Technology and service donations to enable health workers and local councils

  1. HPE IT can help enable new hospital spaces and medical facilities and through our global networking business we have pledged to donate $50M of technology and support across key global markets – including the UK – for this purpose.
  2. HPE has technology and expertise to enable secure, remote working and to this end HPE’s services team ‘Pointnext’ is offering free half day virtual consultancy to help healthcare or local councils impacted needing to work remotely.


Prioritizing Covid response requirements

  1. In light of global supply chain constraints, HPE’s operations team will prioritize any COVID-19 request for technology. HPE Financial Services can also help fulfil demand from pre-owned stock where constraints exist. Similarly HPE’s project implementation and support teams will prioritize any request for help related to COVID-19.


Technology to enable remote working

  1. HPE has a range of technologies to help organisations facilitate and operate remote working for staff, including virtual desktop and networking connectivity, storage and access to data.


Financing of IT tech and services to alleviate cash flow constraints

HPE Financial Services can help alleviate some of the strain felt by public sector organisations as they navigate the current situation. From helping release capital from existing infrastructures, to deferring payments, providing short term rentals and providing pre-owned tech to relieve capacity strain, HPE Financial Services has the ability to help address some of the most pressing issues quickly. HPEFS can also help defer costs and recapitalize after the short term need for technology to help fight COVID-19.

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