ICAEW North West Key Stakeholder Newsletter January 2022

12th January 2022, 2:23 pm

Ø  Highlights:

Latest on current issues from ICAEW’s hubs including a range of the latest information, guidance and webinars relating to these issues.

In the first ICAEW In Focus podcast of 2022, Chief Executive Michael Izza looks at the biggest issues facing business and the wider economy, with help from experts from around the Institute.

What to expect from 2022 – Part 1

What to expect from 2022 – Part 2

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Ø  ICAEW Chart of the week

·         UK government borrowing rates: our first chart of 2022 highlights how the cost of government borrowing remains extremely low for most of the 21 largest economies in the world, despite the huge expansion in public debt driven by the pandemic.

·         UK international trade: as 2021 draws to a close, our chart this week looks back on a rocky couple of years for UK international trade which has endured Brexit complications and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

For more insight and business critical information on current issues visit our main info hubs:

Ø  Collaborate with ICAEW North west

Please get in touch with us to discuss ideas about working together on any topic of interest to you and why not on some of the following examples:

  • The Levelling up agenda
  • Access to Finance
  • Sustainability
  • Digital Technology

Ø  spotlight events from ICAEW NORTh west:

Upcoming events: these events are open-to-all at no charge:

  • 4 February 2022 – Learning to lead: speaking up:  getting your voice heard in the workplace (or outside it) can sometimes feel impossible. How many times have you left a conversation, meeting or situation and later wished you’d spoken up and said something? In this session, Susan Ritchie takes us through a model that will help you make an informed decision about when and how to speak up, along with some practical tips for making it feel more comfortable.
  • 8 February 2022 – North West Cyber Resilience Centre update on the latest cybercrime trends:  ICAEW North West is teaming up with the North West Cyber Resilience Centre (a not-for-profit venture between Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Digital), to discuss the current North West regional cybercrime trends, cyber-enabled fraud scams and the devastating effect HMRC phishing scams can have on a small business.
  • 10 February 2022 – Harnessing the power of data analytics: to shine in today’s increasingly data-rich and technology-driven world, you must learn how to harness and make sense of data and what it means for the business. In this live webinar we will look at the true wealth of possibilities created by data analytics and how this can add immense value to your business.
  • JUST LAUNCHED! ICAEW Essentials Virtual CPD 2022 Programme: this enhanced programme consists of 37 individual courses, devised around technical core topics and updates covering titles across Audit & Assurance, Accounting & Financial Reporting, Charity, Legal, Practice and Tax. Designed, written and delivered by leading subject matter experts, the Essentials CPD programme will provide you and your team with technical know-how, and meet your individual annual CPD requirement. All the courses in the Essentials programme are delivered by live webinar, with dedicated Q&A sessions, providing the opportunity to interact with the speaker and to discuss real-life scenarios.

Why not consider sharing these events with your colleagues or other contacts in your network?

Ø  Highlights from key local stakeholders

  • The Growth Platform

Countdown begins to the Good Business Festival 2022: Liverpool City Region’s festival spirit that has previously delivered unforgettable global events such as The International Festival for Business and One Magnificent City, and is showcasing the city to the world again this week at the G7 summit, will return in 2022 with The Good Business Festival.

  • pro-manchester

Green Tech Conference 27 January 2022: Greater Manchester is committed to becoming the world’s first zero carbon region by 2038. That huge ambition brings with it exciting opportunities for innovation, upskilling and economic growth.

  • Free Resources

Some further resources we thought could be useful for you and your business network include:

  • January 2022Latest legal alert: a monthly checklist from Atom Content Marketing highlighting new and pending laws, regulations, codes of practice and rulings that could have an impact on your business.
  • The ICAEW Business Advice Service (BAS): the service provides a free initial consultation for any small or medium sized business with one of over 3,000 registered chartered accountancy firms across the UK. The consultation typically lasts for one hour and is without any obligation. Businesses can use this consultation to seek information on a wide range of topics including business finance, cash flow management, growth strategy, and restructuring/insolvency. The service also offers support for the creation and growth of new businesses emerging for the future.
  • ICAEW A-Z Communities offer information, insights and networking opportunities on a range of industry sectors, professional specialisms and various career stages. Most Communities are free to join after simply creating an account on our website.

Ø  keeping in touch digitally

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