‘INCREASE Your Marketing’ – Getting Through and Getting on – MMU Business School Business Support Series

13th May 2020, 8:28 am

If you broke your leg would you burn all your shoes? Hopefully your answer is no.

Now apply this to your marketing spend and level of activity in the current environment. Has your marketing spend and activity increased or decreased?

It’s probably decreased, and this is a natural response according to Neil Simpson, Enterprise Training Officer at MMU and host of the new ‘Getting Through and Getting on’ MMU Business School Business support series. In reality, we should be doing the opposite. Invest 16 minutes of your time listening to Neil discussing the reasons why with his colleague Chris Taylor, Enterprise Fellow at the Business School.

To learn how you should be pivoting and increasing your marketing to appeal to a new and more available type of audience click HERE.

This is part of our Business Support Series – ‘Getting Through and Getting On’, during the COVID-19 crisis. To help you focus on the tasks you can do for your business right now, we’ll be sharing a short video each week.

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