Innovation Districts Roundtable Report

2nd October 2020, 2:57 pm

Innovation districts have long been recognised as a way of reshaping and regenerating cities and towns across the UK, attracting talent, investment, creating high quality jobs and driving economic growth in the process.  But the ingredients needed to make them a success aren’t set in stone, and neither is there a blueprint for where they can be created. That’s why we brought together civic
leaders, those from the science and tech industry, academics and investors to discuss their creation, development and the factors needed for them to thrive.

The following report outlines these and provides a snapshot of what a successful innovation district looks like. As you’d expect when bringing together leaders from such a diverse industry, there’s certain aspects where opinions differ and the question is left open for the reader to conclude their own opinion. But with others, such as the importance of patience and the collaboration of multiple actors, agreement is unanimous.  That’s important, because it will hopefully serve to provide a roadmap for others looking to develop new innovation districts or accelerate existing ones in years to come.

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