Isolated Productivity, Connected Responsibility, Boosting Resilience Courses *Pay what you can afford*

29th May 2020, 2:16 pm

Working at home and leading teams remotely are pretty challenging at the best of times.

Whilst our remote working courses are now more valuable than ever, we also appreciate training budgets are pretty scant too! While we’d love to offer these courses free of charge to the pro-manchester community, as a small business we also need to cover the bills (and pay for Disney+ to keep our kids occupied during lockdown!). 

So we’ve made two of our courses available for whatever donation you’re able to make (Normal price £25 per person).

Course 1: Isolated Productivity

This is a masterclass in how to work efficiently away from the office for anyone currently trying to balance the demands of work and home life. This 90 minute webinar provides the framework and approaches to have more productive and positive days at home.

Course 2: Connected Responsibility – Leading Remote Teams

Leaders and managers need to develop new approaches, routines and behaviours to support individuals, foster strong, supportive teams and enable great work to be maintained. Suitable for managers and leaders of any level, this is a masterclass in how to lead a remote team.

Course 3: Boosting Resilience

Very often, we mistakenly believe that resilience is a trait you’re born with. This 90 minute workshop tackles this notion head on, changing perspectives and exploring ideas and strategies to help build resilience in even the most testing of times.

Places are limited to 20 people per session, so secure your place now.

Should these times not suit you, or if you’d prefer to run a session exclusively for your team, let’s have a chat. Please contact Alex on 07756 900 464 / [email protected].

Boosting Resilience – 2nd June @ 2pm

Isolated Productivity – 9th June @ 8pm

Connected Responsibility – 10th June @ 10am

Boosting Resilience – 17th June @ 10am


Recent feedback: 

“Thanks very much for the awesome online training. I found it really helpful. I’ve been struggling with managing work stress (even before COVID) and your course has definitely helped me to start realising ways in which I can reduce this.”

Kevin Redfern – Your Digital Marketer

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