Join Venner Shipley for a free IP Clinic

4th February 2020, 10:18 am

Are you making the most out of your IP? Why not arrange a free IP Clinic with us.

Venner Shipley is proud to be offering entrepreneurs and scientists an opportunity to meet with our expert local team for a free independent IP portfolio review.

The free independent IP portfolio review will include:

  • A one hour phone or face to face meeting with one of our IP specialists; and
  • A one page analysis of your current IP rights, including the areas your company could potentially gain further IP protection in.

This is a great opportunity to gain some expert advice or assistance on any intellectual property queries you or your business may have, as well as a chance to re-evaluate your current IP portfolio.

We pride ourselves on being a leading firm of European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and Lawyers, experienced in representing a broad range of clients including major domestic and international corporations, SMEs, universities and individual inventors.

If you are interested in this free offer please contact us at [email protected] quoting #VSIP.

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