20th May 2020, 8:38 am

Learning as a service (LaaS) delivers a continuous learning channel which is reshaping every aspect of how companies attract and retain the best IT talent. Successful LaaS programs deliver high caliber talent and strategic skills to pave the way for exceptional business outcomes. 50% of today’s workforce is comprised of millennials, with that number growing to 75% by 2025.2 Millennials work, think, consume information and learn differently from past generations. They demand more from digital systems and business processes, and are less forgiving of companies that struggle to be progressive.
The evolving workforce is asking, “How can I continuously learn based on my schedule, my needs and my preferred location?” Many have preferred learning styles or challenging life situations—they may prefer to learn in the evening, or to work from non-traditional sites; they may have time constraints based on family situations; or, they may have physical impairments that make it difficult to attend live training sessions. We are in an inclusive and diverse society where digital learning opens up vast possibilities for all people to develop skills and knowledge—no matter their situation. This is where LaaS and digital learning thrive—convenient and flexible solutions to accommodate your pace, schedule and learning preferences.

To make matters even more challenging, there is an IT talent crunch. The talent crunch is not hypothetical or a false alarm—it is real and it is critical. In a recent study conducted by IDG,3 senior IT leaders confirmed what many hiring managers already know—finding IT talent is challenging. More than 90% of the CIOs, CTOs, and IT managers who responded to the IDG survey say they struggle to fill open IT positions. More than a third of respondents struggle with finding a large enough pool of qualified candidates, and almost half find it difficult to attract and recruit top IT talent from the pool that is available.

In order for struggling organizations to attract, retain and develop IT talent, something must change. Doing nothing can increase attrition of top talent, negatively impact return on technology investment, and eventually influence the ability to meet organization needs—gravely affecting business outcomes and leading to a weak competitive position. The cost of inaction is high—you have competitors who are already taking advantage of subscription-based learning-as-a-service offerings to develop workforce talent and gain a competitive edge.


HPE Digital Learner is a learning-as-a-service solution for most HPE hybrid cloud products. It includes eLearning, videos, testing, reporting, learning paths, badges, and more. With subscription services, training costs are more predictable and provide flexibility to meet modern training needs.
This innovative approach will help you:

  • Attract and retain the best IT talent in the market
  • Motivate and create highly skilled employees to drive better business outcomes
  • Leverage a continuous learning channel for new and refreshed upskilling
  • Cross-train into new technologies
  • Predict and reduce training costs with minimal disruption to your business.


HPE Digital Learner delivers new and updated content throughout the subscription period. Learners access the exact content they need—anytime, anywhere. HPE Digital Learner is a full-featured learning solution that includes eLearning, simulated and hands-on labs, instructor interaction and many other features—delivering the same outcomes as traditional training approaches through a modern learning experience. For this reason, it functions as a standalone solution for learners who need new or updated skills, or who want to cross-train into new technologies. In addition, HPE Digital Learner can be used to complement traditional training methods with easy access to updated content to reinforce previous instruction or to refresh skills. Whether used standalone or as a complement to instructor-led training,  HPE Digital Learner helps students build credentials and drive value for their employers.


HPE Digital Learner Subscription Service

  • Continuous learning channel; anytime, anywhere learning
  • Modern digital platform
  • Extensive digital learning content –  HPE technology library – Industry IT, developer, collaboration and business skills libraries
  • Simulated and hands-on labs
  • Virtual instructor-led training option
  • Ask an Instructor
  • Learner boosts
  • Digital badging
  • Metrics and reporting
  • Community experience

HPE Digital Learner offers subscription options HPE Digital Learner subscriptions offer the blended and holistic learning experiences that IT and business professionals need, at a better value for your business.

Subscription Description

HPE Digital Learner Bronze
The Bronze level service includes expanded and updated eLearning and  hands-on labs for most HPE products and technologies.

HPE Digital Learner Silver
The Silver level service includes all the Bronze level features and adds access to a vast library of IT industry technology, productivity, and business skills training.

Enterprise options are available for 10+ users.

For more information on HPE Digital Learner and to get started with this new learning approach, contact our team and request a demonstration.




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