MAG Research – Services and International Business Travel

18th March 2024, 4:42 pm

One of our key partners, Manchester Airport, part of MAG, is currently undertaking some economic research on the UK’s future and potential as a services sector superpower. Specifically, they are working with WPI Economics to identify the key tradeable service sectors the UK will rely on to raise its growth rate, and the reliance of these sectors on international connectivity and aviation to access export markets.

MAG is looking to speak to businesses with exciting growth plans who are happy to articulate the need for increased business travel to their operations. This could be in terms of the face-to-face contact required to clinch new deals or secure investment,  or the importance of travel in promoting knowledge transfer and accessing global talent.

MAG is ultimately looking to develop a programme around the importance of aviation to the UK’s status as an island trading nation and searching for spokespeople who can bring this to life in the context of their own businesses. It wants to dial up the level of debate on what it will take for the UK to get out of economic stagnation and become a services superpower.

The team at MAG are acutely aware of the sensitives around business travel, including its carbon footprint. This will be addressed head-on in their work, as they set out what needs to happen to decarbonise the sector so that it can sustainably enable UK plc’s exports.

If you would be happy to learn more about this project, please contact Adam Jupp via email [email protected]

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