Manchester based international-business consultancy Onno lands global client Stedfast Inc. for the Global Effectiveness Audit.

21st October 2020, 6:06 pm

Stedfast Inc., a world-leading provider of specialized coated and laminated protective barriers based in Canada, sell their products all over the world and have staff communicating across language and cultural barriers every day.

This of course leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings when not dealt with effectively, and Stedfast have recently worked with Onno to resolve conflict between UK-based staff and a large European client.

The Global Effectiveness support they have received looks at relations with a key client of your choice and works through any issues that have arisen to help you understand why this has happened and how to avoid future problems.

The audit can also be used before starting to work with a new market to effectively prepare for any potential hiccups and put you in a safer position to build real relationships with overseas clients.

Stedfast’s head of sales for the UK is confident that the Global Effectiveness support provided by Onno “will help build respect and trust, and ultimately sales”.

She adds, “The information will allow better communication with my customers and reduce the amount of misunderstandings and impatient emails. it will make my work more enjoyable and replying to emails much easier”.

Here is what Abby Hannah, head of sales in the UK, has to say about working on the Global Effectiveness audit:

ONNO provided myself and my company with the Global Effectiveness Audit. The service was outstanding and opened our eyes to new and improved ways of communicating with our international customers. Kellie takes the time to really understand your business and needs in order to personalise her approach to what will help you the most. Her knowledge of international business relations is unmatched and she really opened my eyes to how small changes in communication can make a real difference. We work with customers all over the world and it can be difficult to switch from one culture to another when writing emails and calling clients. The information was provided in a simple formatted document/presentation and Kellie was available to answer and explain any questions in further detail if needed. I truly believe the experience will help deepen relationships with companies we have struggled to relate to in the past providing us with more opportunities. Definitely recommend to any SME’s looking to widen their horizons!”

To find out more about Global Effectiveness and how it can help your business, visit the website:

The Global Effectiveness Audit

To discuss this and see how it can boost your international sales, contact Kellie at Onno now:

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