Manchester Success Story During Tough Times: Serious Injury Legal Specialist CFG Law partner with Engage

8th April 2020, 9:06 am

This is a challenging time for all. We receive bad news every day, so celebrating good news and ‘wins’ becomes even more important. So, in this post we celebrate a new partnership between two North West firms – CFG Law and Engage Solutions Group.

Following its entry into the legal market earlier this year, Engage Solutions Group (ESG) has now secured its first legal client win and go-live. Specialist serious injury business CFG Law has rolled out ESG’s engagement platform as it looks to take employee experience and its award-winning Client First Service to the next level.

CFG Law was drawn to the ESG platform because of its mobile-first design, extensive functionality and integration capabilities. It is also keen to take advantage of the platform’s unique ability to support both internal and external audiences.

During these challenging times, engaging your audiences becomes even more important: from bringing together your distributed workforce into a single hub around your business, to strengthening client service by investing in the end-to-end client lifecyle. The deployment of a specialist engagement platform is rich in potential for enhancing service delivery and relationship management still further, as well as driving new business relationships.

And it’s not just about the now. While ensuring safety and surviving in the short-term are important, those who invest in a future AC (After Coronavirus)  will emerge quicker and stronger. We believe the North West business community will be the ones to do so.

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