Manchester Web Design Studio launch Website to support local businesses

7th April 2020, 4:10 pm

Manchester-based and pro-Manchester members Nettl, have launched Support Manchester – a website aimed at helping businesses reacting to the ongoing Covid19 crisis, by keeping their customers informed on how best to support them.

The website already has businesses listed from a wide range of services; from cafes and restaurants offering take-away food, to shops and professional services selling online vouchers and virtual experiences.

Nettl’s Studio Manager, Nick Howard said ​“We originally wanted the website to be a way to help our clients through this tough period. When the government first started announcing restrictions in the light of the Covid19 crisis, many of the small businesses we talk to daily were thrown very suddenly into a kind of ‘limbo’, with no clear way out. Hearing the very real panic and distress was quite upsetting.

Quite quickly though, a sense of solidarity emerged. It was amazing seeing not only the kindness and community spirit, but the creativity that people displayed in finding ways to adapt to the new ‘normal’.

This was a small gesture. We love building websites and speaking to our clients. So, this was a great way of doing both, whilst helping businesses most in need.

Since launching, we now have nearly thirty local businesses listed, but we want more! There is also a “Donate your Commute” page, which links visitors with local good causes they can spend any extra cash they have saved from working from home. We’re asking any local charities who would like to get involved to feature on the site.”

A listing on the website is totally free, and businesses can register via the website, or by emailing ​[email protected].

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