Member Spotlight: Dr Katie Hilton, Co-Founder – The Lifestyle Health Clinic

15th May 2024, 12:07 pm

Hello, I’m Katie Hilton and I’m a doctor, and the Co-Founder and Medical Director of The Lifestyle Health Clinic.

We help overwhelmed, busy and stressed women struggling with a variety of health concerns.  The clinic works with employers across the UK to facilitate women’s health and wellbeing in the workplace.   The doctors, including myself, offer a range of services to organisations that can be delivered remotely, or in person, including workshops, talks, events to boost awareness, acceptance, and inclusivity around different aspects of women’s health. I also love the other side of my role, providing 1:1 medical appointments for women in the workplace.

Career highlight: To have co-created an independent and holistic health service,  that is tailored to the unique needs of women, with outstanding feedback and results. Opening our second clinic earlier this year was a particular highlight for me.

Name three words that describe your personality: Genuine, empathetic, determined.

What’s the best thing about pro-manchester?

Firstly, the team behind Pro-Manchester. They have all been incredibly supportive and responsive from day 1. Secondly, stepping into the world of events. Initially this was overwhelming for me, but Pro-Manchester provides opportunities to learn at the same time as networking and all events have a real sense of community.

What are your priorities for 2024?

To help even more women and to further raise the profile of The Lifestyle Health Clinic.  We are proud of our Northern roots, and we would love to find more organisations striving to be innovative when it comes to women’s health, and who truly support the wellbeing of women at every stage of their lives.

What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment? 

The belief that we in Manchester can create change. There is so much innovation and development going on and we are excited to be part of that. We are starting to see  the beginning of change that promotes and helps women thrive.

What types of business would you like to meet? 

We look forward to hearing from any organisations that are serious about prioritising women’s health in the workplace and recognise its potential impact on staff performance if women are not supported.

We particularly love engaging organisations that want men to develop an understanding of women’s health issues too,  enabling them to offer a supportive culture, moving away from the concept that women’s health is a weakness.

Anyone wanting to lead the way so they can make a measurable impact on their staff wellbeing, performance and profits should get in touch.

We are more than happy to discuss bespoke options and packages that will add value and be responsive to a company’s needs.

Get In Touch

T:  07942 373395

E: [email protected]


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