Member Spotlight: Hannah Cox, Director – betternotstop

10th April 2024, 2:41 pm

I’m Hannah and me and my team help businesses take action to create a better world. betternotstop is a B Corp sustainable impact agency that helps businesses implement sustainable strategies, policies, and frameworks. Additionally, I founded the Better Business Network, a membership organization and network for hundreds of purpose-led business leaders, connecting them with others and helping them increase their social and environmental impact through collective action and training courses. We organise the Better Business Summit, which brings together some of the most radical and forward thinking business leaders together to create real change and action, such as Patagonia, Faith In Nature and B Corp U.K., to discuss how to create a better future for people and the planet.

2. Career highlight

Someone from work finding an old video of me last month on YouTube I did not know existed. I am standing behind Holly Valance from when I organised my first event, a class trip to CD:UK. It was covered in a watermark that said ‘Historic Video’ which slightly played it down as a highlight for me.

3. Name three words that describe your personality

Passionate, Creative, Caring

4. What’s the best thing about pro-manchester

The variety of events and opportunities to meet new people

5. What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

We have massive multi national companies landing in Manchester we don’t want or need (yes, I’m talking about you Shein) but we have issues of needing way more financial support for small hospitality and independent businesses. We have huge skyscrapers going up but 1 in 7 people in poverty. The stark differences in support are becoming more clear, and we need to work out how we can help.

6. Favourite meeting place in Manchester

Sandbar, where we host our free networking People, Planet, Pint every month – best staff and pizza in town

7. Are there any particular types of businesses that you would like to meet

Business owners wanting to create a legacy they are proud of.

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