Member Spotlight: Jackie Grier, Partner Solutions – Mindset Practice

10th April 2024, 10:21 am

Hi I’m Jackie Grier Director of Partner Solutions at Mindset Practice.

2. Career highlight

Definitely joining and growing Mindset Practice Ltd in 2018 and our digital platform after winning our first 3 year Leadership development contract. My second biggest moment was winning our first award at the ABP Awards for Innovation in 2022. This made me feel very proud.

3. Name three words that describe your personality

Determined, compassionate and curious

4. What’s the best thing about pro-manchester

I’ve yet to discover as a new member but so far , fantastic communication and a very warm welcome. I am looking forward to getting to know its members.

5. What are your priorities for 2024

We are developing and launching a Mindset APP in early 2023 to enable organisations to grow and embed their learning from working with us. We are also looking to grow our client base so that more businesses are able to provide a language and tools to enable a Growth mindset and increased psychological safety in their organisations and teams

6. What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

Manchester appears to be a growing and increasingly vibrant business community, with great transport links to enable business to reach beyond the city. Several of our clients now have hubs in Manchester .I also have family and a new Granddaughter in Manchester so I am looking forward to spending more time there both for work and personal situations.

7. Favourite meeting place in Manchester?

Yet to be discovered for me but I would love recommendations from other members and some meeting opportunities to try some venues out. I recently ran some work in the Science museum and with the increasing development and growth in that area it appeared a great place to meet up.

8. Are their any particular types of businesses that you would like to meet

We have a strong client base in STEM or engineering based organisations, Professional services, airline industry and the public sector including government services and the NHS so would love to meet businesses from these sectors. However Mindset Development is so key to operational leadership, engagement, retention of staff, wellbeing and decreased burnout that we would love to talk to anyone interested in enabling their people to show up from a Mindset of Growth more often to be their best selves “


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