Member Spotlight: Kerrie Medlicott – Owner, Forward Thinking

1st February 2024, 10:42 am

Hello, I’m Kerrie Medlicott the owner of Forward Thinking – South Manchester. I’m on a mission to change the way the world does business, by putting people first. My part in the mission is to help business owners/leaders create a purpose driven strategy, with a clear step by step plan that will empower their full team to deliver profitable growth.

Career highlight: I loved working in the US for 6 years, but my absolute highlight so far has been working with Team GB on the closing ceremony outfit for the Rio Olympics. The collective purpose, the team spirit from volunteers to athletes, the show-stealing outfits and getting to visit Rio with the British Olympic Association as a thank you for what we’d achieved was AMAZING!

Name three words that describe your personality: positive, sociable, driven

What’s the best thing about pro-manchester? The events, in particularly the speakers. Every time I attend, I have an “a-ha” moment!

What are your priorities for 2024: To help as many businesses as I can achieve their vision, avoiding the frustration of knowing what needs to be done whilst struggling to make it happen. This may be with a Success GPS business plan, or by welcoming business leaders to YAB (Your Affordable Board) which is our peer-to-peer problem solving community.

What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment? As the “New York of the UK”, Manchester is getting a lot of attention nationally and internationally which is exciting, but as with the original NY the disparity between those with and those without is growing. I’m hopeful that the new financial devolution deal will allow us to create an environment where businesses and communities can flourish.

Favourite meeting place in Manchester? Use.Space on the first Thursday of the month 😊for a dose of YAB – or the dance floor at Peaky Blinders!

Are their any particular types of businesses that you work with?  I love the variety of businesses I get to work with as what we do crosses all industries, sizes and business life-stages. I do enjoy working with boards and teams as that’s my background, so I know the value that can come from having your senior leadership team aligned.


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