Member Spotlight: Martin Powell, Director – Aitchison Raffety

15th May 2024, 10:21 am

1. Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Martin Powell, I actually now live in the south near Milton Keynes but frequently find myself in Manchester for work engagements, events and social occasions. Since joining Aitchison Raffety Property Consultancy as a Director in 2018 in which I bring over two decades of expertise in Senior Leadership across Finance, Retail, and the Property sectors. Outside of work I dedicate my time to my three energetic boys and dog. I am also qualified as UEFA B license football coach managing a non-league team and occasionally indulging in a round of golf.

2. Career highlight

I’ve been fortunate enough to collaborate with exceptional firms throughout my career. Becoming the youngest Bank Manager at Lloyds, where I dedicated eight years, stands out as a significant accomplishment for me. However, the opportunity to support the expansion of a division at Aitchison Raffety has been truly remarkable. Witnessing the growth, development, and scale of the division, while cultivating valuable relationships and bringing aboard some of the world’s leading financial brands, undoubtedly ranks among the highlights of my career.

3. Name three words that describe your personality

– Ambitious

– Innovative

– Driven

4. What’s the best thing about pro-manchester

It’s great because it provides networking opportunities, business support, and advocacy for its members, contributing to the overall economic development of the city. It fosters collaboration, innovation, and investment, helping businesses thrive and the city to prosper.

5. What are your priorities for 2024

Professionally, Aitchison Raffety is a well-established company in the London and the southern regions, so to strengthen our property consultancy’s presence in the north is a big strategic focus for us and supporting the wider sectors of our consultancy business.

Personally, I cherish watching my boys thrive in their sports endeavours and relish the opportunity to spend more quality time with them. Additionally, I look forward to more weekend getaways abroad and seeing the world, as I love to travel.

6. What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

Observing the city’s evolution, we’re witnessing a surge in overseas investors attracted to Manchester. The city’s infrastructure projects, urban regeneration initiatives, vibrant cultural events, and strides in technology and innovation are all contributing to Manchester’s growth. These developments are not only shaping the city but also attracting tourists from around the world.

7. Favourite meeting place in Manchester?

There are loads of great places in Manchester but for a meeting I would say 20 Stories is a great place for meeting clients.

8. Are their any particular types of businesses that you would like to meet?

Lenders, brokers, developers, or Real estate solicitors

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