Member Spotlight: Sue Waller, Director of Consulting Solutions – Page Consulting

13th March 2024, 3:52 pm

Hi I’m Sue Waller, Director of Consulting Solutions at Page Consulting, we are part of the bigger FTSE 250 business Page Group, of which the most famous brand is Michael Page. Whilst the recruitment part of the business supports a range of UK wide businesses to find talent from Exec Search (Page Executive) through to volume recruitment (MSP/PRO in Page Outsourcing) and Contact Centre support in Page Personnel, in the consulting arm we aim to bring advisory support to all organisations both public, private, not for profit and into the charity sector. Being able to access affordable best value talent in a flexible way is particularly important to drive business growth. Without the necessary skills the UK falls behind global competition.

Manchester is set to be the biggest growth city outside of London in 2024 so it is really important each organisation can attract and retain the right balance of diverse thinking into their organisation.

Career highlight:

I’ve had many career highlights from teaching drama to school children in Africa, in my late 20’s, empowering them to take control of public health issues affecting their communities through to building a Project Management Office for an amazing government department, allowing them to scale and grow accordingly in 2023.

Name three words that describe your personality: Driven, Resilient and Passionate

What’s the best thing about pro-manchester?

Since C19 I’ve been reconnecting and networking up and down the country as I have a national role and I would say that the Pro-manchester event have been one of the stand out communities that allow a range of senior individuals to come together to collectively talk about regional issues, opportunities and solutions. Also within the network individuals are really willing to help each other to ensure outcomes are met. The quality of speaker is amazing and met so many fantastic amazing women and female ally’s.

What are your priorities for 2024?

From a brand and sales perspective its about driving awareness, increasing our footprint and from a personal perspective making sure I can help and support as many business to grow as much as they are able to.

What do you think are the most important things going on in Manchester at the moment?

The skills gaps that businesses face is global and not just an issues affecting Manchester or Liverpool or the northwest. I believe we have an amazing group of creative and inspirational and powerful people in this region and we need to harness their energy to collectively drive up economic diversity, business growth and individual opportunities to have meaningful employment that is highlight skilled. Therefore improving individual wellbeing and driving economic growth within the region.

I am really passionate about social mobility. I was the first in my family to go to university with an un-supportive Aunt who said “why do you want to that there will be no job for you when you leave!” hence my resilience lessons were learnt from a young age! We need to ensure that young people have the opportunities to have inspirational leaders, role models and people that speak out to show them they can climb the ladder or have squiggly career and can be successful.

Education is important and whilst I struggled (I’m part of a growing neuro divergent dyslexic community that operates in a world for the normal!) I am keen to one day inspire the next generation.

Favourite meeting place in Manchester:

Wow there are so many creative, supportive places, for me its anywhere that serves a good cup of tea, to reflect and relax or a great beer, preferable real ale to have social time with friends and my wider network!

What types of business would you like to meet?

I like to meet senior leaders across all sectors, typically in the Finance, IT and Hr space, to understand their challenges and alleviate their headaches! Learning about their challenges and being able to solve their problems really stimulates my huger to work collectively together with others. Watching business’s thrive after our interventions fills me with pride, knowing that I’ve contributed in a small way to organisational growth, its takes teams of people to grow an organisations and typically very few can do it on their own.


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