Newly appointed directors for County Costs

17th May 2024, 10:39 am

County Cost Consultants are proud to announce that their two newly appointed directors, Emily Dill & Thomas Walsh, are certified Accredited Costs Lawyers.

Achieving certification as accredited trainers offers numerous benefits to fellow cost lawyers looking for training to improve their skill set and career ambitions. Cost law practitioners can rely on both Emily & Tom’s professional credibility and extensive knowledge and experience when receiving professional development guidance from them. This accreditation also signifies Emily & Tom’s commitment to maintaining high industry standards and keeping up to date with the ever evolving practices and regulations pertaining to cost law in the UK. This new role not only expands their professional network but also allows them to influence best practices within the field. Additionally, teaching others reinforces their own knowledge and skills, further solidifying their expertise in cost law.

Emily & Tom began their accreditation endeavour in order to contribute to the education and development of the next generation of professionals within their industry. Cost lawyers who engage in CPD activities delivered by Emily & Tom will further benefit by accruing one CPD point per hour of participation, enhancing their own professional status.
County Cost Consultants have remained at the forefront of their sector within the sphere of law for over 24 years. Their new directors have contributed inordinately to their record successes, making them the ideal candidates for upcoming cost lawyers to learn from. Emily & Tom look forward to offering training services and seminars to aspiring cost lawyers from around the country.
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