Rachel Tetlow

31st January 2023, 10:07 am

Rachel Tetlow, Senior Membership and Programmes Manager

Hi, I’m Rachel and my official title is Senior Membership & Programmes Manager. My role is divided into two main areas. The first is overseeing the membership process and generating new members. I love this aspect of the job as I get to go out and about meeting new people, explaining exactly what we do and working out how they and their business can best benefit from membership.

In addition to this I’m responsible for the facilitation and management of the ‘People Programmes’ – all those that relate to individuals within an organization as opposed to relating to a particular sector or industry. So, I look after EDI, Wellbeing, Skills and Creative, Digital & Media Programmes. This involves working with the committees to drive those programmes of events and all related content forward.

You can contact me on Tel: 07738 703832 or [email protected]

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