18th December 2018, 4:13 pm

A recruitment agency based at the University of Salford which helps students, graduates and local residents find temporary and permanent jobs is enjoying rapid growth.

Unitemps has filled 2,020 posts across Greater Manchester since April this year, compared with 1,361 in the year following its launch in April 2017.

Roles it has filled at the university include ones for ambassadors and marshals for open days, examination invigilators, media and administrative positions.

Externally, candidates have secured jobs in sales, marketing and website and business development across various industries, including hospitality and leisure venues.

Seb Novak, the branch manager who leads a team of five based at University House, said: “We have a large pool of motivated candidates from the student population, as well as graduates and workers from the local area, which meet the requirements of employers across many different sectors.

“The primary aim is to enable students to gain work experience which they can then add on to their CVs to help them stand out from the crowd when they are looking to start their careers after graduating. It also means they can earn additional income.

“Their experience will put them in a strong position for landing their first permanent job, as it builds their confidence and enables them to expand their range of skills.”

Seb said increasing numbers of employers are using Unitemps to fill vacancies.

“We have a bespoke service that matches the needs of employers across the region,” he said.

“We take great pride in understanding what they are looking for and matching their requirements.”

The operation is a division of Salford Professional Development, a conference and training business which is a subsidiary of the University of Salford.

Unitemps in Salford is part of the Unitemps franchise network, which was established in 1997 by the University of Warwick.

Rachel Shorrock, managing director of SPD, said: “We are delighted at the growth of Unitemps Salford and the positive impact we are having on University of Salford students, graduates and the local economy.

“The university and Salford Professional Development are passionate about providing students with valuable work experience and enhanced career opportunities.”

People wishing to register for Unitemps Salford should visit www.salford.ac.uk/unitemps

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