Salford Acoustics co-organises the next VCCA conference

2nd May 2024, 1:30 pm

A major acoustics virtual conference coming this summer is being co-organised by The University of Salford.

Bringing together researchers from all around the world and taking place on Thursday 20th June and Friday 21st June, the Virtual Conference on Computational Audiology (VCCA) aims to promote discussions and research into audiology, hearing and technology. The two main themes of this year’s conference are AI in hearing and the changing landscape of Audiology.

Chairing the conference is Dr Simone Graetzer, Senior Research Fellow in the Acoustics Research Centre at the University.

At the event the keynote speakers will include Manohar Bance (University of Cambridge) and Lars Bramsløw (Eriksholm Research Centre), with the topics spanning a broad range of sectors, including the latest developments in hearing devices and AI technology for hearing and audiology, modelling hearing loss, field-related measurement and validation, cognitive and neuro-audiology, cochlear, brainstem, and vestibular implants, post-implant rehabilitation and accessibility and inclusive design in hearing and audiology.

Salford Acoustics is working on two large UKRI projects on hearing loss. Clarity and Cadenza ( and ). These are running machine learning challenges to improve the processing of speech and music for those with a hearing loss. VCCA2024 is being organised as part of the impact work on these projects. Professor Trevor Cox, a co-chair of the conference said: “We are delighted to be organising this conference, and our Senior Research Fellow Simone Graetzer doing a great job chairing the board. We are looking forward to discussions on AI and the future of hearing technology at such a prestigious event.”

Anyone interested in attending can sign using this link

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