Santander x University of Salford celebrates renewal of partnership with £150,00 of funding over three years

10th May 2023, 8:15 pm

After a 10-year collaboration, the University of Salford and Santander have renewed their shared commitment to provide key opportunities for students in higher education.

The funding will include:

  • An annual £10k scholarship for one student
  • Funding for employability and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • 10 ‘Brighter Future Grants’ of £1000 per annum

The partnership forms a key part of Santander’s ambitious new education and skills programme, which aims to help people access the opportunities they need to fulfil their true potential. It will provide £150,000 of funding over three years, which will include an annual £10k scholarship for one student, funding for employability and entrepreneurship opportunities, and 10 Brighter Future Grants of £1000 each per annum that are open to any student who attends the university.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Helen Marshall, led an event to celebrate the partnership that focused on students and how they have benefitted from the funding. Employees from Santander were able to meet the students and discuss the impact the support has had on them.

Professor Helen Marshall, Vice Chancellor at the University of Salford, said: “Our relationship with Santander has produced great benefits for our students over the last decade and with this new agreement there will be even more opportunities in the decade to come.

“Producing graduates who are ready for the jobs market is a key mission at Salford and this agreement is a big boost to that process.”

Matt Hutnell, Director of Santander Universities UK said: “At Santander Universities we believe education is today’s solution to a prosperous tomorrow. We’re proud to continue our partnership with the University of Salford and provide even more opportunities for students, staff and the local community to develop skills to build a brighter future and achieve their future potential.”

Hannah Helm, a PhD student studying English Literature and recipient of two awards from Santander, spoke about the opportunities the funding has provided, enabling her to visit UK-based archives and travel overseas to the Disney archives in California.

Calum Smeaton, who is completing a one-year MSc Acoustics Course and also a recipient of Santander’s entrepreneurship funding, spoke at the event about his previous years of work experience. He explained how the funding has allowed him to pursue his ambitions, of establishing his own business developing acoustic absorbers.

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