The Lowry Hotel Team’s Top Tips on Working from Home

26th March 2020, 9:40 am

With COVID19 continuing to dominate our headlines more and more people are working from home. I have asked the team at The Lowry Hotel to provide me with their top tips on working from home.

  1. Shower and get dressed, don’t stay in your PJs, make yourself feel good
  2. Go out of the house in the morning and walk around the block and then walk back into your house as if you are coming into work, this should make you feel like you are coming into a different environment and keep you on track
  3. Make sure you set up a proper work space / work station ideally near a window with fresh air and natural light and a good chair with back support (ergonomic appraisal your work station) – DO NOT work from your bed or you sofa, your bedroom is your sacred relax space– ideally set up a station near a window with some fresh air and natural light
  4. Plan your day and stick to a routine, make a list of tasks or things you want to achieve and stick to the plan
  5. Don’t be afraid to talk regular breaks, you would still go to the toilet and make a brew if you were at work so don’t be afraid to do it at home, if you miss a call its ok and take your full lunch break, maybe go for a walk or do some exercise
  6. If you are by yourself listen to the radio so that you fell as though you have company. Others in the office like to listen to music without lyrics or music in another language such as KPOP.
  7. Ensure your working room is tidy and there are no dirty pots or unmade beds to distract you
  8. If you have children try to share the responsibility with your partner so 1 person keeps an eye on them for the morning whilst the other really gets their head down and swaps in the afternoon. If you are by yourself make a plan for the children such as movie time whilst you work.
  9. If you are working at home with your other half create an imaginary housemate to blame things on to stop you from arguing. E.g Alexa has left all her dirty pots in the sink again, I wish she wouldn’t do that. *Hint hint nudge nudge*
  10. When it is the end of work time close your laptop and turn your phone notifications off, this is your time at home to relax.

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