The Lowry Hotel’s Head Chef Dave Ashton shares his tips for cooking while working from home

20th March 2020, 2:17 pm


The most important meal of the day

  • Add white wine vinegar to your water to make sure your eggs don’t stick to the bottom of the pan
  • The trick is to use a big sized pan, the bigger the better. More room for your eggs to breathe
  • Keep the water moving, but you don’t need to create a whirlpool.


A winning meal to break up your day:

  • Cut your cooking times in half by making a dish which can be used for lunch and dinners on various days
  • A perfect option for this is chicken tikka, use it for a salad and then cook rice as an accompaniment to dinner.
  • Can be made using any cut of the chicken that you want and marinated overnight.


A dinner to make you smile, be stress-free:

  • Utilise our tip of preparing the main part of your meal for lunch and dinner, leftovers are the perfect dinner dish.
  • If you’re all out of leftovers then why not ring one of your local restaurants and see if they have introduced a delivery service, supporting local businesses right now can make a world of difference.

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