The Lunar Aid Foundation supporting Ukraine

4th May 2022, 2:57 pm

The Lunar Aid Foundation was set up as an arm to our Lunar Green brand, a Manchester based ESG friendly Blockchain company.

We felt we wanted to do something to help with the conflict in Ukraine and so through our network of voluntary private pilots and aircraft owners, we approached Medical Aid Ukraine (MAU) to provide airlift logistical support. MAU are a UK charity of doctors that are collecting NHS donations of emergency medical equipment.  To date we have shipped over 3.5 Tonnes of NHS donations of medical equipment to the Polish/Ukraine border where we have last mile logistics who carry them across the border to field hospitals in Ukraine.

We would really appreciate as much support from the Manchester business community as we can with donations and additional pilots and aircraft operators to enable us to keep flying aid out to Eastern Europe.

Below is a write up of one of our recent air lifts.

Our social medial tags are: Twitter #lunaraid Insta: lunar.aid FB: (2) Lunar Aid | Facebook Web: JustGiving: Crowdfunding to Lunar Aid, raising funds to purchase emergency trauma kits, as specified by the Ukraine Health Minister. Each trauma kit costs £100. on JustGiving

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