The Only Way is Up for Tao Digital

4th April 2019, 11:10 am

Digital marketing agency, Tao Digital, has expanded the team and moved to a new office in Bolton. Adding two new team members, Beth Kearsley and Joe Harulow, to help the business grow.


Tao Digital has seen great successes over the past 12 months and with new clients onboarding at the rate they are now Matt Tomkin, founder and director, saw it was only natural that the team saw a growth too. Matt has been running the business solely for almost 2 years. Matt appointed Beth back in August 2018. Then in February he took on Joe, to make up the trio the team is today.


In order to meet the demands the new agency was facing, Matt needed to find people that could help with most aspects of the business. This strategy also came with the decision to revamp the website for the agency. To create a landing site that suited the style of the business and direction it wanted to go in the future.


Beth was appointed in August 2018 as part time but has since taken on a full time position. Her job role is Operations Assistant, her daily tasks are digital PR, content creation, SEO and the general upkeep and organisation of the business.


Joe was appointed in February 2019, on a full time basis. Joe’s job role is a Digital Marketing Executive, he is a PPC specialist but also helps with content marketing, managing paid acquisitions and designs for the business.


The two new staff provide a variety of skills and experience to the agency. This will ultimately help the agency grow stronger.


The agency has also recently moved to a new base. In the centre of Bolton Town, the business is now located in St Georges House. The new office is a creative space where staff can be left to get on with work, freely with little limitations. The new move has also helped when it comes to hosting client meetings with various touches throughout the office showing off the personality of the team perfectly.

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