TLT launches AI maturity assessment tool

17th May 2024, 10:50 am

National law firm TLT has launched TLT AI Navigator, an innovative, digital tool designed to help organisations assess where they are on the artificial intelligence (AI) maturity curve, offering a structured approach to understanding and leveraging AI from a best practice and legal perspective. 


TLT AI Navigator is an online tool designed to guide organisations through the complexities of AI adoption, governance and compliance, gain deeper insight into AI best legal practice and give recommendations tailored to the relevant stage of their AI journey.


The tool is intended to give in-house legal teams, data protection officers, chief procurement officers, privacy teams and other leadership roles an indication of how effectively they are navigating the regulatory and ethical challenges of AI adoption and integration.


TLT AI Navigator offers a comprehensive online assessment which evaluates an organisation’s AI readiness from a best practice and legal perspective across six critical areas: governance, data and ethics, intellectual property, vendor management, strategy and talent. During the assessment individuals are asked to rate the extent to which they agree/disagree with best practice statements. The results map against the level of maturity and produce a bespoke report with recommendations for how an organisation can boost its AI knowledge and/or implementation.


Commenting on TLT AI Navigator, Michelle Sally, partner in TLT’s technology, IP and data team said: “TLT AI Navigator will support organisations on their AI journey, helping them take a more strategic approach to AI adoption – painting a clear picture of the critical areas to focus on, breaking them down into specific actions and helping them to make informed decisions. 


“We believe it will provide valuable support for any business that is using or is thinking of using AI technology, helping to mitigate risks, navigate the legislative and regulatory hurdles ahead and use it to their advantage.”  


TLT AI Navigator is a central part of TLT’s strategy, which focuses on anticipating and delivering against future client needs and prioritises transforming the way the firm delivers for clients.


Gareth Oldale, head of TLT’s data privacy and cybersecurity team commented: “The widespread adoption of AI technology is moving faster than governance frameworks, policies, procedures and training, and the law, leaving employers open to risk. To reap the well-documented benefits of AI, it’s important organisations take a strategic approach to how and when it is implemented, to be respectful of the law and mindful of their legal and non-legal ESG commitments. 


“Our expert insight into the frameworks surrounding AI technology, borne from our work with regulators, policy makers, tech vendors and in-house legal teams, enables us to take a bird’s eye view on AI implementation and to offer strategic guidance on best practice when it comes to adopting AI technology. 


“Businesses looking to successfully introduce AI technology should start by considering five key elements: establishing strong internal governance, considering why they need AI technology before selecting a solution, ensuring it can integrate with existing data frameworks, prioritising collaboration across teams and having the right skill sets in place, and tying investments in AI tools to overall goals and growth.” 

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