Travel Planning Advice for Businesses

20th May 2021, 4:30 pm

This weekend will be the first where many venues such as bars and restaurants will be able to welcome people inside. We are predicting there will be increased demand on the travel network, especially between 8pm and 10pm on Saturday.

Business Advice
@OfficialTfGM are providing businesses with support and guidance as more of your staff and customers return to the transport network.


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TAXI and Private Hire Vehicles

Heading out this weekend? If you are using taxis or a private hire vehicle remember to:

😷 Wear a face mask
💨 Open a window
📱   Pay in advance or use contactless if you can


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Safe Travel
Heading out for a for a film, meal or drink this weekend?


If you’re using public transport to get there & back:


✔️ Plan ahead & check services

✔️ Travel at quieter times

✔️ Follow safe travel guidance




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