Truth Creative provides global branding support to GC Aesthetics

16th July 2020, 6:43 pm

Truth Creative has provided strategic branding and business support to global premium breast implant provider GC Aesthetics, launching a series of innovative new products and a revolutionary augmented reality app allowing patients to see how they will look after surgery.

GC Aesthetics is a long term client for Manchester-based Truth, which has supported the company in navigating complex and territory-specific regulations governing marketing activity for breast augmentation services since 2013. Truth created the GC Aesthetics branding and positioning that is still in use today.

In response to changes in a highly competitive and dynamic market, GC Aesthetics asked Truth to support business development by bringing new products to market, expanding its customer journey and leveraging the influence of surgeons conducting cosmetic surgery.

Working closely with the GC Aesthetics team in Barcelona and Ireland, Truth Creative developed marketing strategies for new product development.

Truth’s work includes:

  • Helping GC Aesthetics to broaden the customer journey for both patients and surgeons: pre, during and post surgery, enabling it to diversify into products and services that will help it to grow its revenues.
  • Brand and marketing support for Eve 4.0, GC Aesthetics’ new Augmented Reality app for surgeons, enabling women to see how they will look after surgery.
  • Noa by GC Aesthetics is a new range of medical-grade compression garments to provide patients with the support and comfort they need to recover after surgery, helping to reduce potential post-surgical complications, such as scarring, swelling, bruising and infections.

The products and services provided by GC Aesthetics are used by surgeons and clinics conducting augmentative and reconstructive procedures and Truth Creative has also supported GC Aesthetics in developing its value proposition to support sales through engagement with surgeons. The agency has also worked on a further product launch which is due to go live later this year.

Jo Scott, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Truth Creative, said: “GC Aesthetics is a great example of a long-term client that understands the value of our work beyond traditional branding, helping them to implement strategies that support business development and the bottom line.

“Breast augmentation and reconstruction is a complex, competitive and tightly regulated global market, with specific requirements in different territories, and it has been a privilege to work with a company which continues to be at the forefront of providing premium products.”

GC Aesthetics Chief Marketing Officer, Manuela Schneider-Hoefferer, said: “There are many creative and competent agencies, but there aren’t many that combine creativity and competence with being a real partner for their clients. Open, reliable and always supportive, even when working with us to tackle complex and challenging issues, Truth Creative is a real partner for GCA and it has been a real pleasure to work with them on the latest phase of the company’s development.”


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