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30th June 2020, 8:00 pm

As organisations navigate through the various challenges brought about by the pandemic, exciting opportunities will emerge as we explore new possibilities and re-imagine the workplace of the future.


Join our Workplace Reset: Future webinar on Wednesday 8th July as we explore:


  • The energised organisation – designing workplaces where people flourish
  • Employee wellbeing – creating positive employee experiences in a distributed world of work
  • An elemental approach – key insights from Neil Usher’s forward-thinking book, ‘The Elemental Workplace’
  • A time for experimentation – the human-centred & technology-enabled workplace


Our specialist speakers will join us for a thought-provoking debate, exploring what the future of the workplace could look like.



Perry Timms
The founder of PTHR, a coach, consultant, international speaker and author of two books: Transformational HR and The Energised Workplace (coming soon, summer 2020)


Neil Usher

The Chief Partnerships Officer at Go Spaces AI, author of The Elemental Workplace and prolific blogger at


Dan Pilling

Workplace Strategist and Consultant at TSK, supporting organisations as they develop new work styles and behaviours.


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