Q&A with new Chair, Alistair Cree

Monday, 2nd July 2018

By Mel Hill

Alistair Cree, Partner at Eversheds Sutherland, will formally take up his role as the new pro-manchester Chair at our AGM Lunch on Thursday 12th July.

Alistair is a Partner in Eversheds Sutherland’s core corporate group, focusing on high value M&A and equity capital markets transactions. He has lived and worked in the city since 2002 and joined the board of pro manchester in 2015.

Before he takes up his role, our comms manager, Mel Hill wanted to delve a little deeper and see what being pro-manchester Chair means to Alistair in this Q&A…

MH: What were your initial thoughts on becoming pro-manchester Chair?

AC: I found the prospect a little bit daunting at first, but at the same time very exciting because I’m a great advocate of Manchester and it gives me a real opportunity to push the city, its businesses and the professional services sector forward for the benefit of the members.

MH: Have you had any tips or conversations with previous chairs that have helped you to prepare for the role?

AC: Absolutely – I have spoken in detail with Jane, Alison and Tim [previous three chairs], along with John and Sam on the executive side. Their tips have been to talk to as many people as possible and to get out and meet the members as much as I can. Ultimately, communication and being an advocate for Manchester will be what will help to drive things forward for the benefit of the members. Another tip has been to throw myself into it, and to enjoy it – to combine what I do professionally with promoting manchester and pro-manchester in particular. I’m really looking forward to it

MH: Do you have any goals outlined for yourself during your tenure?

AC: At its heart, pro-manchester is a business development organisation – it exists to serve its members, drive their interests (and the interests of the city generally) forward and to create opportunities for growth. My goal is to work with John, Sam and the rest of the team to be an advocate for Manchester and to champion events that serve to promote these aims.

MH: What do you want to achieve personally during your time as Chair?

AC: This is very much linked to the previous question, however on a personal level I believe that attracting and retaining young people (graduates, young professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs) to the city is key to its future. At the end of my 12 months as Chair, I would like to feel that that pro-manchester as an organisation has been successful in promoting ideas, topics and events that resonate with these groups for the good of the city and the membership as a whole.

MH: What does pro-manchester mean to you?

AC: I think what it means to me is an opportunity to personally promote Manchester and the business and professional communities here. That’s why I’m doing this – I’m a great believer in Manchester and the North West. I like the idea of having a personal opportunity to push the city for the benefit of all.

Alistair will be delivering his first speech as pro-manchester Chair on Thursday 12th July at Albert’s Chop House. If you’d like to hear from him and join us for a delicious lunch, you can purchase your tickets here.