“Take control of your career” say our previous MIMA winners

Tuesday, 16th October 2018

By Mel Hill

With the deadline for MIMA nominations fast-approaching, we recently heard from previous winners at a breakfast panel briefing.

Our Future pro-manchester chair, Doug Ward hosted the panel, which consisted of Rebekah Ingham, KPMG; Kleon West, theEword; Dominic Orsini, GCA Altium and Gemma Sofield, Four Recruitment.

The panel inspired delegates to not only nominate themselves for a Made in Manchester Award (MIMAs); but to also take control of their careers. The MIMAs is our signature event, held annually in February. Nominations are due to close on Friday 9th November.

What are our previous MIMA winners proud of in their career?

Rebekah: “Obviously winning a MIMA was great. I’m most proud that I have got to a point in my career where I’m happy to do what I do. It takes hard work to maintain that and have that long term and not just succumb to saying ‘I’ll do my job and go home’.”

Gemma: “In the last 5-6 years that our HR division has been going, the team I formed has placed 200 jobs. To sit here and now and know I’ve supported this many people through this process is satisfying. I am passionate about what I do and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Kleon: “Seeing people you work with finding their dream job. Working with students has been interesting. Seeing the journey they’re on and then 7-8 months down line they graduate and have a job they love. It’s a really rewarding part of what I do and something that I really love.”

Dom: “What makes me proud is quite simple, really. Speaking with prospective clients then making a promise I absolutely know I’m going to deliver and then actually delivering on it. I know it sounds quite twee but when you’re trusted and you do that role correctly and you deliver it’s a great feeling.”

What do the winners believe made them stand out in the judging process?

Kleon: “I think it was the passion I had for the topic. I love marketing and I think the judges had to stop me at one point. I sounded like I really love what I do, and I do!”

Rebekah: “When I was asked why I should win, I said: ‘I do what I do and I’m passionate and I know I’m outperforming what was expected of me.’ I felt uncomfortable saying it, but I had to be confident that I am passionate and love what I do. What’s the point in applying if you don’t believe in yourself?”

Gemma: “I’ve got a real passion for what I do and I think that came across. Naturally you’re modest, but it’s about finding that balance and I think the judges believed how passionate I really am for what I do.”

How long did it take for our winners to feel content in their careers?

Rebekah: “I’m still not content. In my career, I’m really driven so I always want more and want to better myself. It took me a year to settle in and to focus at KPMG, but it doesn’t mean I’m content, it just means I’m pushing myself further the more comfortable I get in my role.”

Gemma “If you know you’re going to go into accounting you’re more comfortable with that. I got extremely comfortable working in HR, but then changed career and started to recruit those HR roles. When I had a baby I re-evaluated everything and other things made me content. Being content isn’t just for your career. I would say I’m happy with my life both at home and at work and that is what’s important to me.”

Kleon “Reflection and self-reflection is something I need to work on more. Working out what I’m pleased with and proud of is something I really need to look at. I’m always looking at the next step and what I want to do next instead of celebrating these successes.”

The Made in Manchester Awards, brought to you by Future pro-manchester celebrates the best of Manchester’s young business talent aged up to the age of 35. The awards celebrate excellence in innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, training and development and leadership across 12 categories ranging from Lawyer of the Year to Apprentice of the Year. The awards also include the Chairman’s Rising Star Award – an award for the overall winner and the person that future pro-manchester view as a future leader in their field.

Entries are judged by sector experts in a two-tier competition process; a written entry form and an interview for the shortlisted applicants to ensure a fair, credible and professional process.

The 2019 awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 7 February 2019.

For more information head to www.madeinmanchesterawards.com