The Death of the CV

Wednesday, 17th July 2019

Guest blog by Sarah Jones, Connections Recruitment

In today’s ever-changing job market, it’s no great surprise that the traditional CV is on its way out. And there’s a simple (and fairly predictable) reason as to why this is the case – technology.

Surveys from as far back as 1998 found that previous work experience was the weakest indicator of future job success; it’s only with the help of technology that we’re now able to do things a little differently.

So what does the future hold for the hiring process, and how can employers ensure that they’re attracting the best candidates possible?

Social Platforms Reign Supreme

In the golden age of social media, a growing number of younger candidates are focusing their efforts on sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn to score that dream job role.

A recent Twitter survey of 264 people aged 18- 24 found that 70% think CVs do not allow them to showcase their talents to prospective employers. 44% would prefer to apply for jobs via Twitter rather than writing a CV or generalised email, as it allows them to show more personality in their application.

The same holds true for LinkedIn, which has completely changed the recruitment process as we know it. With such a large database available at the click of a button, it’s now standard practice for both recruiters and job seekers to sift through their potential options online.

As such, LinkedIn is arguably the biggest nail in the coffin for the humble CV. It single-handedly provides talent acquisition at a cheaper price, as well as serving as an outlet for jobseekers to find those sought after jobs more easily than ever before.

Tinder, Recruitment Style

Yes, you heard us correctly. Rather than hunting for the love of your life, you’ll be able to search for that perfect job match with a swipe of your thumb. You can filter your results in a similar way to Tinder, i.e. by location and availability, as well as being able to swipe left or right on your potential options.

Apps such as Job Today, ProSky and Switch all work effectively for both job seekers and employers. Rather than uploading a CV, these apps allow you to accept and reject connections, as well as providing one-click job boards and mentoring opportunities.

AI Technology

Innovative companies such as Tesla, Accenture and LinkedIn are taking their hiring practices to a whole new level. They use neuroscience-based AI technology to determine how likely a candidate will succeed within their business, and whether they demonstrate the right attributes that are in keeping with company culture.

Candidates must complete a series of puzzles, games and quizzes that assess their aptitude, while Artificial Intelligence analyses the candidate’s problem solving skills and time management. This technology also measures how likely an applicant is to succeed in their role, as it measures against your company’s own employees. In essence, AI compares how well potential candidates will fit in with your current team, and whether they can deliver to the same standards.

With so many technological advancements being made every year, particularly in the world of AI, the time of the CV is inevitably drawing to a close. Generic hiring processes just won’t cut it these days- not only do you need to ensure that your applications are quick, simple, and mobile responsive, but they also need to give room for candidates to show off their personalities. You’ll then be able to see if jobseekers will fit in well with your company culture, and whether they’re likely to succeed within the team.

Businesses that are looking to embrace changes and use technology to their advantage will benefit in the long run, as they will ultimately be able to measure potential candidates in ways that CVs simply cannot provide. So be sure to watch this space- the humble Curriculum Vitae will soon become a thing of the past.

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