The ONLY constant is CHANGE

Monday, 14th December 2020

Guest blog by Paul Clarke, UK Business Mentoring

If you were born in the 60’s or 70’s can you remember what your first computer was? Either at home or at work-it is likely to look something like pictured above.

Big, noisy, slow and limited functionality and storage-who even remembers a floppy disc.

I appreciate I have lost a large part of the population now…

Well maybe I should chart the journey of mobile phones from the early brick like devises (seen below) to today’s models, which if you misplace temporarily causes sheer panic for some/most.

COVID 19-how many more transactions’ do you now complete via your phone or card contactless?

How many zoom calls have you been on? -many didn’t know zoom in Jan 2020!

Technology and customer behaviours drive a lot of business change, so many question’s I ask as a Business Mentor to many business owners is around their products and services.

  • Is your product adding significant value to your customer’s?
  • How do you know this-customer feedback?
  • How are your target market customers habits changing?
  • What anticipated changes do you see in the next 12 months-political, technological, social etc
  • How are your competition changing?
  • How are you improving your offering?
  • What additional products or services are you developing?
  • How do your customers typically communicate and receive information?

Many more questions can be asked but as I discuss with many businesses in Manchester and surrounding areas, the key is to have a clear plan for your products and services, with key actions and responsibility and review regularly.

Change is sometimes feared, it should not be…it presents such opportunity in business as I have seen regularly as a Business Mentor and in one case recently where a business I mentor was transformed into an E Commerce operation from a traditional retail store offering with huge success.

So please have a look at your business and ask those questions of yourself and your team who usually have great ideas in my experience.

Definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. 

You could say the business definition is doing the same things over and over  and expecting to stay viable.

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Article written by Manchester Business Mentor Paul Clarke

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