What Black History Month means to me

Friday, 15th October 2021

Guest blog written by Dr Opeoluwa Aiyenitaju, Business Transformation Research Centre – Manchester Metropolitan University.

The black history month is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate uniqueness. It is an opportunity to amplify the voices of the black minority that have hitherto being considered as tools for work rather than assets of value.

To me, I see the black history month as another opportunity for the black community to validate their capacity to produce enviable results in their work.

A downside to celebrating this event is the reminder of ills and wrongs done to the black race.

My experience in my workplace suggests that equity is more prevalent. No voice is muzzled because of race or skin colour.

In furtherance of the ideals of equity, openness and tolerance in the workplace and beyond, we all owe it a responsibility to enlighten our communities on the blessings of diversity. We must let the world see the beauty in varied perspectives. The Black History Month is an opportunity to demonstrate love over hate not just in words but deeds.

Let’s be supporters of worthy causes, amplifiers of great feat, and promoters of noble endeavours.

Happy Celebration!


Dr Opeoluwa Aiyenitaju is a Lecturer in Business Information Systems at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.  Her research focuses on organisational and social issues in information systems adoption and management. She is skilled in the use of Dooyeweerd’s Philosophical framework to understand the experience of end users with technical matters. Her current research focuses on helping organisations generate value from digital transformation.