What Is Power Automate and How Can It Benefit My Organisation?

Tuesday, 16th November 2021

Guest blog by Robyn Garcia – Complete I.T.


Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, it is a process automation tool that helps to turn repetitive tasks into streamlined automated processes.

Sometimes, it’s obvious that a process is not working but we can all be guilty of sticking to the norm and not challenging how a process can be improved.

With the help of Microsoft Power Automate you can save time and boost productivity with a flow of automated processes that are set off by triggers.

Examples of how you could use Power Automate within your business

Automate your approval processes

Taking an invoice approval process as an example, you can use Power Automate to streamline your process and save time chasing for approval.

You can start the process off by saving an invoice in SharePoint, which then triggers the following automated process:

  • An email is sent to the required person requesting approval of the invoice
  • A reminder notification for approval is sent if not approved in 3 days
  • The purchase order (PO) is sent once the invoice has been approved.

With the help of Power Automate, you can reduce the amount of time you are chasing for invoice approvals and sending POs and make your approval process a more efficient, automated process.


Set useful reminders

Set useful automated reminders with a click of a button. For example, if a form is filled out on your website, you can start off an automated process with Power Automate where:

  • The inbound automatically gets added to your CRM system
  • The inbound is assigned an owner to follow up with the enquiry
  • A reminder email is sent one week later to the owner of the inbound to provide an update to their manager on their progress.


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