Why Partner With A Local Web Development Company

Tuesday, 28th September 2021

Guest blog by Blue Whale Media

Are you planning on entering the eCommerce market? Maybe you’re looking at starting a lifestyle blog? How are you going to build your website? You have plenty of options, from cheap freelancers to a DIY approach with a platform like WIX.

They are all good options. However, if you want the best results from your web design, you should partner with a local web development company in Manchester.

Let’s discover why you should consider choosing a local web developer over the other options.

They Are The Local Experts

As a local business, the company understands the lay of the land. If you’re a local business or you’re thinking about narrowing down your target audience to a specific region or demographic, using a local web developer is your best choice.

Your development team can optimize your site for local reach. For instance, if you own a hair salon in Manchester, we doubt you want to advertise to customers outside of the area. A local team knows how to build a site that promotes your local business.

Your team can build your site using local keywords and tags to make your site more visible to local searches. Google emphasizes promoting local businesses in its search algorithm.

Since the website developers are local to your area, they understand the right local keywords to use in your web design to drive organic traffic. As a result, you attract higher search volume and traffic to your site.

Meet The Team In Person

When you work with a local web development team, you get better access to them, and there is also the chance of setting up a physical meeting to hash out the details of your web design.

Sure, you might think that you can achieve all of that through email and Zoom. However, you’ll find it’s much easier to sit down at a table and discuss the project with your development team. In a face-to-face environment, you’ll find it easier to get your ideas across than over a conference call.

You’ll feed off each other’s ideas, and it’s a much more collaborative arrangement than working remotely. Local developers allow for better communication, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of planning meetings around different time zones.

More Reliable Than Freelancers

Many online business owners decide to rely on freelancers to build their sites. This action is a mistake, and it could end up costing you severely in your marketing plan and the growth of your business. There are millions of freelancers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Unfortunately, many of them are useless in web design other than recycling the same templates for every client.

You could end up going back and forth with a freelancer for weeks or months on your website build. In the end, the freelancer might walk away from the project due to frustration, leaving you out of pocket for the money you spend and you have no website.

Freelancers are affordable, but they are the wrong option for building your online business. It’s a better choice to leave it to a local professional.


As mentioned, freelancers are a popular option for business owners looking to bootstrap their web design. We already covered the issues involved with hiring a freelancer, and hopefully, you understand the issues involved with this strategy.

The biggest problem with hiring freelancers is the lack of accountability you get from these individuals. The freelancer might spend weeks working on your project and then leave it to work on another where they can make more money, leaving you holding the bag.

By working with a local web development team, you have total accountability for your project. You know where the offices are and where to find them if anything goes wrong with the build.

You Don’t Have The Hassle Of DIY

There are dozens of drag-and-drop web building tools available online to help you design a site yourself. Many of them don’t require coding knowledge, and you can set up a functional website in a few hours.

However, we recommend you avoid this strategy. Chances are you have no experience in web design, so why do it yourself? If your microwave stops working, do you fix it yourself or send it to the electrician for repairs?

Working with a local web development team gets you a fully functional site with all the features you need to dominate your niche.

Go Local And Get More Out Of Your Web Design

By now, you should understand the importance of hiring a company in Manchester to handle your website design. With local developers, you get the best results possible, total transparency and accountability during the build, as well as professional results you can rely on to grow your business.

Partner with a local web development company and take your online business to the next level.