Why are team-building exercises and events ideal for boosting morale and productivity?

10th January 2019, 6:10 pm

If you run a team or business, you’ll know how important good communication and maintaining staff morale are to keeping employee turnover low and productivity high. However, achieving that isn’t always that simple.

Solutions for boosting the confidence and cohesion of your team – not only for building and maintaining a strong workforce, but also for improving company profits – include team-building exercises and encouraging corporate excursions.
Here are a few ways in which you can utilise team-building and improve your business…

Enhancing Productivity and Improving Communication

Businesses that make a conscious effort to engage their staff through team-building exercises and improving communication between teams have seen positive results across both productivity and profit. Their overall daily operations have become more efficient and staff have become more united.

Corporate days out are one the ways to ensure that your team are interacting and working collaboratively with each other. Placing colleagues into a completely new environment can rid the team of office politics and present them with shared goals or tasks to accomplish together. This mentality is often then transferred back into the workplace.

Setting and achieving collective goals are a key way of removing restrictions of an established office hierarchy and have a way of encouraging more open discussion between all members of staff.

Boosting morale in the office

It’s fair to say that if your staff don’t feel valued, they are unlikely to give you their all at work. According to a study conducted by the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, happy employees are up to a fifth more productive than other members of staff. It’s no surprise that staff morale is strongly connected with happiness, so to maintain an upbeat and productive mood in the workplace, try to do everything you can to implement initiatives that give your staff something positive to look forward to.

Keeping your staff

Team-building exercises send a strong message to your team that you care about the workplace atmosphere and their development. As you can imagine, these are key to a member of staff feeling valued and happy at work. Columbia University recently investigated the link between company culture and staff retention and found that positive initiatives, such as team days out, can reduce the number of staff members exiting a business. Organisations with positive company cultures had a staff turnover of just 13.9%, whilst places harbouring a poorer company culture can expect their staff turnover to be almost 50%. Having a greater staff turnover can lower the credibility and worth of your company to prospective employees and more time and money will be spent in recruiting and training new staff.

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